The Association

The object of our association Entre Terre et Mer’ (‘Between Land and Sea’) is the following:

To bring to light, support and promote all actions and initiatives which contribute to the increased appreciation of the historic, natural, maritime, architectural and social heritage of the Rance-Emeraude Country: ‘a territory between Land and Sea, a spirited people’.

In order to achieve this, we propose organizing guided tours, trips inland and at sea, participation in events and projects, meetings of a friendly and cultural nature, as a vivid and concrete way to illustrate the quality of our region between land and sea’.

Priority for our proposals is given to our members and those who are registered on our website or by e-mail, in accordance with Article 5 of our statutes, recalled below:

 The association ‘Entre Terre et Mer’ is comprised of:

 Active members: the status of active member is conferred upon by the Committee. An active member is someone who offers a regular voluntary active contribution (in time or kind), over and above his membership, to the running of the ‘ENTRE TERRE ET MER’ association and its activities.

 Benefactor members: benefactor membership is attributed by the association’s General Assembly to any person or entity who gives a donation to the association.

 Full members: the status of full member is acquired by paying the fees and signing the charter. Only those persons or entities who are fully paid-up are allowed to participate in the life of the association (voting at the General Assembly and the election of the Committee).

 Registered members: registered membership is attributed to any interested person or entity who is registered on the website to receive regular information e-mails describing the events and initiatives of the Association. This membership does not require a fee or an active participation in the life of the Association.

 Registration on our website is therefore free, deliberately, in the spirit of including and rallying people to our objective.

 It allows members to receive by e-mail our information letters about proposed events. Only by your physical presence at these events can we cover any potential costs entailed.

 Everyone is welcome.

 Association ‘Entre Terre et Mer’, 4 rue Groult Saint Georges, 35400 Saint-Malo.